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Löfbergs calls for a strong EU law to protect forests and natural ecosystems

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Löfbergs calls for a strong EU law to protect forests and natural ecosystems

Swedish based coffee group Löfbergs is urging the European Commission to propose an ambitious law to address EU-driven global deforestation, in a statement released today with another 40+ European companies.

As a company committed to responsible supply chains, Löfbergs firmly believes that effective EU legislation is urgently needed to tackle deforestation - establishing a level playing field for more sustainable commodities and products to be placed on the EU market.

Deforestation and the destruction of natural ecosystems, such as grasslands, savannahs, wetlands or mangroves, exacerbate climate change, biodiversity loss and human rights violations. The destruction of nature also has serious economic and social implications, as it affects livelihoods and the ecosystem services critical for agricultural production.

Urgent action is needed at all levels to halt this trend - from policymakers to companies, to consumers.

- Protecting nature has enormous benefits for biodiversity, consumers and economies and this is why we are committed to responsible supply chains that are free of deforestation and ecosystem conversion. Today we are joining other business champions in calling for strong rules to keep products that are linked to nature destruction off the EU market, says Eva Eriksson, Head of Sustainability at Löfbergs.

Löfbergs is joining the calls of progressive industry across the food retail, cosmetic, paper and finance sectors for ambitious legislation that can set clear rules for companies to tackle their environmental and human rights footprint. In particular, Löfbergs calls for a clear legislative framework with mandatory requirements for due diligence, transparency and traceability, which is implemented and harmonised across the EU.

Working towards zero-deforestation
Since Löfbergs has been working towards zero-deforestation, making sure raw materials in our products are grown and harvested sustainably. Examples include sourcing sustainably certified coffee, amongst others from farms certified by Rainforest Alliance, an independent label that focuses on conserving biodiversity, sustainable farming methods and the conditions and livelihoods of farmers. Forests and natural ecosystems can and must coexist with farming, but only if we have strong criteria in place.

In addition, new rules must address both deforestation and the conversion and degradation of natural ecosystems, as the latter are also experiencing increasing pressures through agricultural activities and land investments.

- Ambitious legislation can establish a level playing field for more sustainable commodities and products on the EU market, says Eva Eriksson.



The Swedish based coffee group Löfbergs is a Family Business founded in 1906. We are 340 coffee lovers operating in ten core markets in Europe and Canada, sharing the passion for taste, trends and sustainability. We have a turnover of SEK 1.6 billion and is one of the world's largest purchasers of organic and Fairtrade-labeled coffee. The group includes the brands Löfbergs, Peter Larsen Kaffe, Percol, Green Cup, Kobbs and SuperBonobo.


Anders Thorén

Anders Thorén

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