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​Swedish ICE Coffee and FIKA at the RC Show

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​Swedish ICE Coffee and FIKA at the RC Show

Their organic, Fairtrade labelled ICE Coffee has become the Swedes favorite. How popular will it be in Canada? At the RC Show in Toronto February 24-26 you will find out. Here, the Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs, a family business founded in 1906, will offer both cold and warm coffee drinks, now available in Canada.

At the roasting house in Sweden, Löfbergs have been doing things differently since 1906, but one thing has always been constant – the passion for coffee. It’s about the joy of working with a product that brings so much pleasure to so many people. That joy and passion is why so many businesses around the world choose the trusted Löfbergs beans.

Sustainability from Bean to Cup
Sustainable Coffee is at the heart of everything that Löfbergs do. The Swedish coffee roasters are one of the largest purchasers of Organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee in the world. The sustainability work permeates everything Löfbergs do, both at home and in cultivating countries, and lately Löfbergs have won a number of Sustainability awards in Europe.

Celebrating the Swedish fika
The Swedish tradition of fika is well-known all over the world. It´s a coffee break with a snack and is a central part of the Swedish culture. People having a fika at home, at work, at a café and in many other places has contributed to Sweden being one of the most coffee-thirsting countries in the World.

Löfbergs present its homage in the form of Fika, a light dark-roast and well-balanced ground coffee with notes of cacao. It goes especially well together with a cinnamon roll or a raw food cookie with chocolate and raspberries.

Enjoy Cold!
The Löfbergs ICE range are cold, milk-based coffee drinks – perfect to enjoy just as they are. ICE are made from natural ingredients and are organic and Fairtrade certified. The ICE drinks make for an easy way to get your refreshing caffeine kick; just grab a can, open it and pour.ICE can also be stored in room temperature until ready to use. The cylinder-shaped cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.

>> Meet Löfbergs at the RC Show in Toronto February 24-26, Both 1545.

For more information:
Jon Leirfall Fornes, Country Manager, Mobile: +1 416 561 7797, Email:


Find Löfbergs Canada at: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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