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​Second Shot on coffee grounds

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​Second Shot on coffee grounds

Drinks made of coffee grounds are low in caffeine and have a mild coffee flavour.

Here’s how:

Fill the portafilter with grounds just as you would when making an espresso.

Shorten the brewing time to 5 seconds.

Add 4-5 cl coffee syrup.

Add frothed milk, perhaps oat or pea milk, which are rich and bring out the flavours in a nice way.

With less sugar

Mix vanilla sugar and cardamom or other spices in the coffee grounds before brewing the espresso. The flavour will be milder, less sweet and contains less sugar.

Ice latte on Second Shot

Shake the Second Shot, add ice, 4-6 cl syrup and milk of your choice. Serve!


Reusing the coffee grounds is one of the tips in Löfbergs´s initiative to help more people make use of the whole cup and make the most of their coffee. By using the whole cup, the consumers will get more for their money at the same time as we make a joint effort for the environment.




Anders Thorén

Anders Thorén

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