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Inars Kempelis and his team in Riga see many positive results as a result of Löfbergs´ focus on inclusion.
Inars Kempelis and his team in Riga see many positive results as a result of Löfbergs´ focus on inclusion.

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Inclusion makes Löfbergs smarter

Coffee roaster Löfbergs believe in inclusion and diversity and want to offer their co-workers a workplace, where everyone no matter their gender, age and origin can be themselves, contribute, and develop. A safe, inclusive, and developing culture with a diversity perspective makes the company smarter and more profitable. Löfbergs start with themselves, but also do what they can to effect and use their position to contribute to a more inclusive society.

Regular surveys invite everyone
As a part of including our co-workers and learn from them, we started measuring their well-being and commitment in real time in 2021. And we scrapped the yearly employee survey. With help from the research-based and AI-driven software Winningtemp, questions are asked regularly every week.

“Now we get data of how our co-workers feel in real time and we can act proactively to handle everything from stress to how our co-workers feel included in different decisions. All managers will also keep a running, open dialogue with their teams regarding the results and decide about actions that the team wants to prioritise. Everyone is included and can contribute to our development as an organisation,” says Helena Eriksson, Head of Group HR.

Löfbergs is proud that the co-workers feel great affiliation in their teams and not least in matters connected to respect for each other. The autonomy area has developed in a positive way this year, something that surely can be due to the increased flexibility that many of the co-workers who have worked from home feel.

Inars Kempelis, Head of Production in the Baltic region, is already seeing many positive results as a consequence of the new way of working. “The team thought it was a bit unfamiliar to answer the questions every week at first, but it has been positively received and quickly become a natural part of our weekly meetings. It is about making sure that everyone is well and can make a good job. The co-workers’ well-being is the most important issue for the whole business, and nothing we can measure only once a year.”

“The work is affecting our mental health to a great extent and just as with many other business, we can see in the results from Winningtemp that stress is a risk factor for us,” says Helena Eriksson.

But stress is not always connected to having too much to do. Living in a state of uncertainty, which many have done during the pandemic, is also something that has led to stress.

“During the spring of 2021, we had a decline in produced volume due to a decrease in demand. I could see directly in Winningtemp that the stress level of the team considerably went up. And thanks to the data, I could act quickly and increase my communication about our present situation and reduce stress and worry with my co-workers,” says Inars.

That all co-workers feel included and treated fairly is a prioritised area.

Helena Eriksson tells us more about how the new way of working contributes to reaching the goal.

“We get running data every week on insights related to strengths as well as weaknesses and have selected a number of questions that we follow up connected to our different goals. We are also looking at the difference between men’s and women’s experiences. We also get running data on how our co-workers experience that we live our value “We are Inclusive” and can steer our efforts after that.

We have zero tolerance for discriminatory treatment and harassment. “The system flags straight away if a co-worker answers negatively on questions connected to discriminatory treatment/harassment and sends an alert to us at HR so we can act. A complement to our existing whistle blowing system,” says Helena Eriksson.

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Anders Thorén

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